Bingo in the United Kingdom

A local church organization in England is in need of more funds once again. What better way to do a fund raising project than to hold a game of Bingo for the town! Such an event is also practiced by sports organizations, and various other groups including religious groups in Commonwealth countries like Australia and New Zealand, where the English version of the bingo game is known to the locals as "housie".

This UK version of Bingo should not be confused with the American Bingo game which is very much similar, because the tickets sold and the way of calling is varies in some ways. In the UK version, the players are to mark-out the numbers found on the ticket once these numbers are called out at random. This is done in order to attain winning combinations.

This game is known to be a very profitable and continuously growing business has a vast amount of companies already exist to compete with one another for more customers. Two big companies that contain bingo halls in Great Britain would include the Gala Group, with their Gala Bingo; and Mecca Bingo Limited which is a member of The Rank Group. In Northern Ireland, one can also find the Planet Bingo Group, which is among the biggest bingo club organizations present in the area.

A bingo ticket or housie usually contains fifteen numerals which are arranged into nine columns and three rows, wherein each row possesses five numerals and black spaces of four. The columns contain one, two, or sometimes, three numerals. In the first column, one may find the numerals one to nineteen; whereas on the second, the numerals from ten to nineteen; and then finally, the third would contain the numerals twenty to twenty nine, and so this goes on until it reaches the final column, that has the numerals from eighty to ninety. The entire game is usually managed by a caller who calls out numbers and does the validation of the winning ticket or tickets. He also announces the rewards before each game begins.

Oftentimes, the venue of such a bingo game is held at church halls, UK bingo clubs, organizations including non-profit organizations, rugby clubs and other sports clubs. When the players enter the venue, they are offered to buy tickets, usually a book of tickets. Occasionally, the players can play about one to as many as six books, wherein each book usually has fifty tickets that are consumed for that day.

  • General Gambling Rules
  • Gambling has some general rules but it cannot be found on casino entrances. These are the limitations that a smart gambler follows. Gamblers who keep a low profile, brings along company, gamble in healthy emotional state and remains focused while gambling would most probably be the ones to benefit the most in this fun and enjoyable recreational activity.