All about Keno

The game of Keno is considered to be one of the oldest games that is around aside from Backgammon and Go. Keno has been around since the time of the Han Dynasty almost 3000 years ago. It became popular in the United States because of Chinese immigrants who introduced the game in the 20th century. But at first, when the Chinese immigrants brought the game to the U.S., playing the game was generally frowned upon on as it was not considered a cultured activity.

To make some profits from some interested Americans in the game or even share something from back home, the pioneers who had brought the game to the U.S. decided to change the Chinese characters in Keno and replaced it with numbers instead. This further opened the game to non-Chinese players and the games popularity spread like wild fire.

The modern version of Keno is very similar to bingo and the lottery mainly because of the numbers. However unlike Bingo, the Keno player is the one who chooses the number that he wants to put on his Keno Ticket. The average Keno card shows about 80 numbers. The player then picks out as many numbers that he wants. They do this by circling the number with a marker. After choosing the numbers, the player goes back to the booth to the clerk for the receipt of the transaction or players can hand their card to a Keno runner who will take the bet. The player then has to simply watch the wide screen or the monitor and just wait for the numbers to show up.

As the numbers pop out on the screen, all a Keno player needs to do is mark the number with their marker. The prize of the player is usually determined by how many numbers match the players' keno card to those numbers that have shown up on the screen.

The player will have to take back his winning keno card to the booth because another draw will happen around five minutes after the first one. The winning ticket of the player in some casino establishments will be considered null and void if he claims it after the next draw happens. So the player must first check out the policy of the casino regarding this matter.

Some players in the casino usually buy a multi-race ticket to avoid incidents like a void ticket. These are usually about 2 to 20 tickets that have been hand picked numbers. When all of the numbers and tickets have been played out, the player can claim any of their winnings. Another step is the stray and play ticket. It is the type of Keno game that is more than 30. Unlike the usual tickets, the stray and play tickets has a validity of up to one year.

  • General Gambling Rules
  • Gambling has some general rules but it cannot be found on casino entrances. These are the limitations that a smart gambler follows. Gamblers who keep a low profile, brings along company, gamble in healthy emotional state and remains focused while gambling would most probably be the ones to benefit the most in this fun and enjoyable recreational activity.