All About Craps

Craps is usually pretty hard to understand at first, especially for a beginner, but with just a little guidance from some experts you will eventually learn the basics on how to play the game. If you are a little confused regarding the game, do not be hesitant to ask the craps dealer on what is happening; they are more than willing to tell you all you need to know about playing craps.

Craps has been defined as a game of dice. Craps players take turns on who will be throwing the two dice. Craps wagers are made on which number will appear next on the dice roll. The two basic craps wagers are the pass line, and the come bets, or are known as "right bets" and the "don't pass" and "don't come" wager, or simply defined as the wrong bets. It is a "right bet" if you are wagering with the roller and it is a "bad bet" if you are wagering with the casino.

At a normal craps table, you would see about four employees of the casino who act as craps personnel. The first is the craps boxman, who is the one that has thousands worth of chips with them. They are considered to be the manager of the craps table, and they operate and maintain everything at the table. The next two that stand beside the boxman are the two craps dealers.

They are the ones to go to if you have any questions regarding the game. They also deal with paying the winnings of the players, taking the losses, and keeping a list of the bets that have been made by the player. The other employee on the craps table, holding a long stick while standing beside the craps boxman is called the craps stickman. They hand down the dice to the shooter and check if the winnings are distributed accordingly, in order to have the same precision as in online gambling.

It is important that you pick the right table that you will be comfortable at, with room for you to move around. Usually, the noisier the crowd the better, because it usually means that the craps table is rolling good numbers. The player must also take into consideration the craps table minimum. It is always a good call to start with the lowest table minimum before moving up to larger ones. Remember to not bet what you cannot afford to lose at the craps table.

  • General Gambling Rules
  • Gambling has some general rules but it cannot be found on casino entrances. These are the limitations that a smart gambler follows. Gamblers who keep a low profile, brings along company, gamble in healthy emotional state and remains focused while gambling would most probably be the ones to benefit the most in this fun and enjoyable recreational activity.